Dreams Starting with C

Cab to Call Girl Calligraphy to Cancellation Cancer to Cape Capitol Building to Carjacking Carnage to Casino Casket to Caveman
Cavern/Cave to Centipede Cent/Penny to Chanting Chapel to Chiffonier Chilblain to Circle Circuit Breaker to Club Coach to Collie
Collision to Concert Concubine to Coral Cordless Item to Country Courtship to Crew Crib Death to Crutches Crying to Cyst



To ride in a cab in dreams suggests pleasant avocations, prosperity, and comfort.

To ride in a cab at night with others says that you have a secret you keep from your friends.


It is bad to dream of cabbage. Green cabbage represents unfaithfulness in love and infidelity in marriage.

To dream of cutting cabbage implies that you are tightening the cords of calamity around you by lavish expenditure.


To dream of a ship’s cabin is rather unfortunate. Some mischief is brewing for you. You will most likely be engaged in a lawsuit, which you will lose due to the instability of your witness.
*For a Log cabin, see House.


If you dream of putting items in a cabinet, you will soon be getting your disarrayed house in order.

To take items out of a cabinet in a dream advises you to discard unwanted items in your life.


To dream of a heavy metal wire cable foretells a decidedly hazardous project, which, if you successfully carry to completion, will reward you with riches and honor.

To dream of receiving cablegrams suggests that a message of importance will reach you soon, and will cause problems.


If you dream of hiding something in a cache, you might have property stolen.


To dream of applying a cachet (a distinguishing mark or seal) suggests that you will soon be facing legal problems.


To hear the cackling of hens warns you of a sudden shock produced by the news of an unexpected death.


To dream of cactus implies smooth sailing in your love affairs.


If you dream of being a caddie, you are shouldering other people’s burdens unnecessarily.
To dream of having a caddie counsels you to take responsibility for your own problems.


If you dream of a cafe, it may be time to slow down and relax more.


To dream of a full cafeteria means that you have many friends and supporters.

An empty cafeteria warns that you need to focus more on your friends and nurture those relationships.


If you dream of craving caffeine, you need to find peace in your relationships.

If you dream you are having too much caffeine, it’s a warning that your relationships have become stale.


If you see a cage full of birds in your dream, you will be the happy recipient of immense wealth and will have many beautiful and charming children.

If there is only one bird, you will have a happy and wealthy marriage.

No birds in the cage indicates a member of the family lost to death.

To see caged wild animals indicates that you will triumph over your enemies and misfortunes. If you are in the cage with them, it suggests harrowing accidents while traveling.


In dreams, cakes symbolize gain for the hardworking and opportunity for the enterprising. Those in love will prosper.

To dream you are making cake batter means that something you have been trying to accomplish in your life is not completed yet.

Baking cakes is not as good an omen in dreams as seeing them or eating them.
*See Pancakes.


To dream that you are in need of more calcium in your diet means that you need more strength in your life.


If you are calculating something in your dream, it warns that you may not be able to count on someone or some event you’ve been anticipating.


To dream of marking a calendar indicates that you will be very orderly and systematic throughout the year.

To see a calendar denotes disappointment in your calculations.


In dreams, calico can symbolize old-fashioned ideas about love relationships.


To dream of a call girl means that the woman in your life is faithful and true.

To dream of being a call girl warns of misguided sexual activity.


Dreaming of doing calligraphy means you will be signing important papers. If you watch someone do calligraphy, you will be invited to an important social event.


If you dream of receiving a calling to go into religious life—or any kind of profession—a good career choice and financial well-being are on the way.


If you dream of being callused, it is a dream warning you that those around you are too quick and hard in their dealings with you.


Dreaming of calm seas suggests a successful ending to a doubtful under-taking. Feeling calm and happy in your dream is a harbinger of a long and well-spent life and a vigorous old age.


If you dream of calories, you are being warned to watch your eating habits, which might lead to health issues.


To dream of calves peacefully grazing on a velvety lawn suggests that you will become a great favorite in society and win the heart of a loyal person.

To the young, this dream indicates festive gatherings and enjoyment. To a businessperson, it speaks of profit from sales; to a lover, entering into a mutually respectful relationship.

Those engaged in seeking wealth will see it rapidly increasing.

If the calves are scrawny, the object sought will be much harder to obtain.
*See Cattle.


A dream of hearing calypso music means joyful and fun times ahead.


To dream of a camcorder prophesies that you will make pleasant memories in the near future.


To see this beast of burden in a dream signifies that you will exercise great patience and fortitude in a time of almost unbearable anguish. Such a dream may also suggest that you will be the recipient of unexpected beneficence and will wear your new honors with dignity and charity.

To lovers, this dream foretells congenial dispositions.

To see a herd of camels in the desert denotes assistance when aid seems unlikely. It may also involve a sickness from which you recover, contrary to all expectations.


If you dream of a cameo brooch, some sad occurrence claims your attention.


To dream of a camera signifies changes to your environment.


To dream of a camisole counsels you to pay attention to breast health.


If you are wearing camouflage in your dream, you are telling too many people too much about your business and dealings.

To see someone else wearing camouflage means you will be revealing secrets to others.


To dream of embarking on a political campaign signifies your opposition to approved ways of conducting business. You will set up innovative plans for yourself even if enemies are working against you, and you will triumph over those in power.


If you dream of camphor, you are being warned about unscrupulous and unfriendly people in your environment.

If you are a woman, be aware that this could lead to scandal.


If you dream of camping in the open air, expect a change in your affairs. You may need to prepare to make a long and tiring journey.

If you see campgrounds, many of your companions may move on to new places, and your own prospects will appear gloomy.


To dream that you are on a campus suggests that you will learn new things soon or will return to school.


To dream of a muddy and stagnant canal portends sickness, digestive disorders, and dark designs of enemies. But if its waters are clear, you can anticipate a placid life and the devotion of friends.


To dream of this sweet songbird denotes unexpected pleasures. To dream that one is given to you indicates a positive legacy.

To give away a canary suggests disappointment in your dearest wishes. To dream that one dies warns of the unfaithfulness of dear friends.


To dream of canning or to see cans reminds you to save more money.


To cancel or have something canceled in a dream is a warning to be careful in your love life.


If you dream of having cancer, have faith that you will be happy.

To dream that someone else has cancer means you will bring happiness to someone in the very near future.


To dream of candles burning with a clear and steady flame implies both financial well-being and the trustworthiness of those around you.

If you see yourself molding candles, you may receive an unexpected offer of marriage or embark on a pleasant visit to distant relatives.

If you are lighting a candle, you will meet someone objectionable to your family and friends.

To see a candle flickering in a draft warns that enemies are circulating detrimental reports about you.


To see a candlestick bearing a whole candle denotes a bright future filled with health, happiness, and loving companions.

If it’s empty, the reverse.


To dream of making candy suggests that profit will accrue from industry. To dream of eating fresh candy implies social pleasure and romance. Sour candy suggests illness.

It also implies that annoyances will grow out of secrets kept too long.

If you dream of sending someone a box of candy, you will make an offer and meet with disappointment.


To see cane growing in a dream suggests advancing favorably toward your goal.

To see it cut denotes absolute failure in all undertakings.

A walking cane represents much success in future business dealings.


In dreams, a canine tooth represents fortune; the longer the tooth, the greater the fortune.
To dream of a dog (canine) means loyalty.
*See Dog.


Seeing a canister in a dream suggests that you’re holding on to outmoded thoughts or possessions.


To dream of seeing a canker on anything is a bad omen. It foretells death and sorrow.


If you dream of a cannibal or a tribe of cannibals, take care to avoid being taken advantage of in a business deal.


A cannon in a dream implies that your home and country are in danger of foreign invasion, perhaps war.


This warns that secret enemies are uniting against you.


Paddling a canoe in dreams reflects perfect confidence in your ability to conduct business profitably.
*See Water.


Dreaming of someone or yourself being canonized warns you to beware of negative or evil forces in your life.


To dream of a canopy or of being underneath one tells you that false friends are influencing you into unethical ways of securing gain. Protect those in your care.


If you dream of a field of cantaloupes, your future business dealings will go smoothly.

If you dream of holding a single cantaloupe, love, peace, and happiness are entering your life.

Eating a cantaloupe cautions you about false love.


Dreaming of a canteen says you have a sense of security in your life.


Watching or riding a cantering horse in your dream means that your environment will be filled with luxury items and lovely things.


A blank canvas in your dream foretells a clear and bright future.

Seeing yourself paint on a canvas speaks to creating the future you long for.

A ripped or torn canvas in your dream warns that an aspect of your love life needs repair.


If a woman dreams of seeing a cap, she will be invited to take part in a festive event.


If you dream of wearing a cape, others think of you as masterful in what you do. If you put your cape on someone else, you will step aside and let someone else solve a problem.


If you dream of seeing a capitol building, you want more control over the projects you’re currently involved in.


To drink or make cappuccino in a dream means that your friendships will turn cold.


To dream of capsizing foretells that something will turn your world upside down.


To dream of a capsule (pill) indicates that you need to contain your temper.
*See Pill.


If you dream of seeing a captain, your noblest aspirations will be realized.


To dream that you are a captive indicates that you may have treachery to deal with; if you cannot escape, injury and misfortune will befall you.

To dream of taking anyone captive portends joining pursuits and people of low status.


To dream of seeing cars denotes journeys and changes in quick succession.

To get into one shows that the travel you’ve been contemplating will be made under circumstances different from what you thought.

To dream of a sleeping car on a train indicates that your struggle to amass wealth is animated by selfish and lewd desires that you must work to master and control.

To see streetcars in your dreams warns that some person is actively interested in causing you trouble.


To dream of this chewy candy means that words that come out of your mouth easily and sweetly will soon be used against you.


To dream of a carat means that a gift is on its way. The more carats the ring weighs, the bigger the gift.


To dream of a caravan suggests that in the near future you will be asked to be the leader of a project.


To dream of a caraway seed means that something new may be coming into your life.


To dream of a carbon copy counsels you to think outside the box and not copy anyone else.


To dream of a carcass denotes spiritual rebirth and enlightenment.


To dream of cardboard tells you to beware losing physical strength. It indicates a possible health issue.


It is unlucky to dream of seeing a cardinal in his robes; a Catholic cardinal is a harbinger of bad news.

To dream of the bird, however, suggests family harmony, happy social events, and business expansion.


To dream of a receiving a bad cardiogram warns of heartache.

To dream of a good one tells you that new love lies ahead.


If you dream of playing cards with others for fun, you will see the realization of hopes that have long buoyed you up. Small ills will vanish. But playing professionally, or for high stakes, implies difficulties of a serious nature.

If you dream of losing at cards, you will encounter enemies. If you win, you will justify yourself in the eyes of the law, but you may have trouble doing so.


To dream of a career change means you will be staying in your present career.

To dream of remaining in your present career indicates that you will be making a career change.


If you are the caregiver in a dream, it’s time to take care of your own affairs. This dream may also suggest that you are exercising too much control over others.

To dream of someone else offering care to you means that others have been too involved in your personal business.


To dream of caribou is a warning not to run with the herd.


To see a cartoon of yourself or someone else in your dream tells you that you’re viewing yourself or others in a distorted way.


To dream of a carjacking means you will soon buy a new vehicle.


To dream of carnage predicts the announcement of a birth.


To dream of carnations foretells death.


To dream that you are participating in a carnival portends that you are soon to enjoy some unusual pleasure or recreation.

If masks are in use, or you see incongruous or clownish figures, expect discord in the home; business will be unsatisfactory and love unrequited.


To dream of singing a carol means that good news will be coming your way soon.


In dreams, this fish symbolizes good fortune and wealth.


To see a carpenter at work foretells honest endeavors to further your fortune, rather than engaging in time-consuming pastimes that squander your energy.


To see a carpet in a dream denotes profit; wealthy friends will come to your aid.

If you walk on a carpet, you will be prosperous and happy.

To dream that you buy a carpet suggests great gain. If you’re selling them, you will go on a pleasant and profitable journey.


To dream of a carpool suggests that you’re afraid to be alone.


To dream of a carriage implies that you will be gratified and that you will make visits. To ride in one suggests a sickness that will soon pass, leaving you to enjoy health and good fortune.

If you dream that you are looking for a carriage, you will work hard and eventually achieve success.


To dream of a carrier foretells a gift or happy message.


To dream of carrots portends prosperity and health.


To dream of being carsick means that good health and safe travel await you.


If you dream of riding in a cart, bad luck and constant work will fill your time as you struggle to provide for your family.
Seeing a cart denotes bad news from kin or friends.
Driving a cart suggests that you will meet with success in business and other aspirations.


To dream of a cartoon warns you that illusions can cloud the way you view yourself or others.


To dream of cartridges foretells quarrels and dissension. An unhappy fate threatens you or someone close to you.

If the cartridges are empty, you will be tempted to be irresponsible in your actions with your associates or friends.


To dream of a cartwheel suggests that problems in your life will turn around.


To dream of carving a cooked bird indicates you will be materially poor and will struggle with ill-tempered friends.

Carving meat denotes bad investments; but if you make changes, your prospects will be brighter.


If you dream that you have plenty of cash, but it’s borrowed, you will be looked upon as worthy, but those who come in close contact with you may find you mercenary and unfeeling.

If you dream of seeing your pockets or purse filled with cash, you will have to spend money on an unexpected problem.

Looking for cash in a dream indicates a windfall in the near future.
*See Money.


To dream of a full cash box means that favorable prospects will soon open up.

If it’s empty, you will experience meager remuneration.


To dream of this nut foretells improving health.


To see a cashier in a dream means that others will claim your possessions. If you owe anyone, you will be deceitful in your dealings with someone wealthy.


To dream of cashmere means you find much warmth in your friendships.


To dream of a casino means that you are gambling too much.


To dream of an empty casket indicates the loss of a friendship.

To dream of seeing yourself in a casket foretells good luck.

To dream of seeing someone else in a casket foretells sadness but not death.


To dream of a casserole means that you will be able to combine many aspects of your life to create happiness in the near future.


If you dream of a cassette tape, you may need reassurance during a project or event.


To dream of this musical instrument suggests happy times ahead.


To dream of a castaway means you’ll need to be alone in the future.


If you dream of being in a castle, you have enough money to make the life you wish to live. You can be a great traveler, enjoying contact with people of many nations.

Seeing an old and vine-covered castle suggests romantic tastes; take care not to enter an undesirable marriage or engagement.

If you dream of leaving a castle, you will be robbed or will lose your beloved or other dear one to death.


To dream of castor oil indicates that you will discover that one of your friendships is insincere and the friend is actually betraying you. You will soon end this friendship.


To dream of a cat in general denotes bad luck, unless you kill it or drive it away. If the cat attacks you, enemies will go to any extreme to damage your reputation. But if you succeed in banishing the cat, you will overcome great obstacles and rise in fortune and fame.

Hearing the scream or the meowing of a cat warns you that a false friend is using everything at his or her command to do you harm.

If you dream that a cat scratches you, an enemy will succeed in wrenching from you the profits of a deal you worked hard to make happen.
*See Kitten.


To dream of an underground burial chamber marks the need for direction and careful navigation in an upcoming situation.


To dream of a catapult augurs sudden and unforeseen change.


To dream of catching something indicates financial gain.

To dream of someone else making a catch means financial loss.


To dream of the catechism foretells that you will be offered a lucrative position, but the terms will be difficult and you will be reluctant to accept it.


To see a caterpillar in a dream denotes hypocritical people in your immediate future; beware of deceitful appearances.

You may suffer a loss in love or business.


To dream of catfish means it’s time to clean your environment.


To dream of a cathedral indicates blessings and good fortune.


To dream of a CAT scan suggests that you need to look more deeply at a problem.


To dream of catsup warns that you should resist the desire to cover up a potential problem.
*See Ketchup.


To dream of seeing good-looking and fat cattle contentedly grazing in green pastures denotes prosperity and happiness thanks to a congenial and pleasant companion.

If the cattle are lean, shaggy, and poorly fed, you will be likely to toil all your life because of misspent energy and dislike of details in work. Correct your habits after this dream.

To see cattle stampeding means you must exert power to keep your career profitable.

A herd of cows at milking time indicates that you will achieve wealth as a result of the work of many people.

If you dream of milking cows with full udders, good fortune is in store for you.
*See Calves.


Dreaming of a cauldron, empty or full, warns you to beware under¬handed tricks from mean-spirited people.


To dream of eating cauliflower means you will be taken to task for neglect of duty.

If you see it growing, your prospects will brighten after a period of loss.


If you dream of caulking something in your home or business, you need to keep quiet.


To dream of a cavalcade means you must resist the temptation to follow others.


To dream that you see a division of cavalry denotes personal advancement and distinction.


To dream of a caveman suggests that you are embracing too many old- fashioned ideas.


To dream of seeing a cavern yawning before you suggests that many problems will assail you; adversaries may hinder your advancement. Work and health are threatened.

To be in a cave foreshadows change.


To dream of caviar warns you to be careful of spending your money unwisely.


To dream of having a cavity means you will soon have a wish fulfilled.


In dreams, this spicy pepper symbolizes heated arguments.


To dream of this type of radio means that you will soon be connecting with friends from the past.


To dream of a critical care unit means you may have to deal with heartache in the near future.


To dream of a CD indicates the need to contain your emotions, especially in the near future.


To dream of a CD-ROM warns of repeating old mistakes.


To dream of seeing green and shapely cedar boughs denotes success.

To see them dead or blighted signifies despair.


To dream of a ceiling indicates that you are putting limitations on your¬self or others.


To celebrate in a dream means a death is in your future.


To dream of a celebrity warns of pending social scandal.


If you dream of seeing fresh, crisp stalks of celery, you will be prosperous and influential beyond your highest hopes.

If it’s decaying, a death in your family will soon occur.

If you dream of eating celery, boundless love and affection will be heaped upon you.


Celestial signs represent good news about your personal and financial life.


To dream of a jail cell advises you to delegate tasks at your job among co-workers.


If you dream of being in a cold, damp cellar, you will be oppressed by doubts. You will lose confidence in all things and suffer gloomy forebodings from which you will fail to escape unless you control your will. This dream also indicates loss of property.

To see a cellar stocked with wine means profit.


To dream of cellophane warns that you need to beware of illusions in your relationships.


To dream of a cell phone with good reception indicates clear thinking about a project.

If it has poor reception, you might be confused by other people’s ideas.


To dream of having cellulite means you will have good health.


To dream of being a Celt or of being in a clan of Celts means you will soon find your spiritual center.


If you dream of solid cement, your life is solid for the near future.

If the cement is broken, you need to watch your dealings with others and avoid being weak.


To dream of being in a beautiful and well-kept cemetery suggests unexpected news of the recovery of someone you had mourned as dead. Or you may regain property to which you were rightfully entitled.

An overgrown, forgotten cemetery predicts that you will live to see all your loved ones leave you, and you will be left in a stranger’s care.

If a mother dreams of carrying fresh flowers to a cemetery, she may expect the continued good health of her family.

If you see little children gathering flowers and chasing butterflies among the graves, expect prosperous changes and no graves of any of your friends to weep over. Good health will hold sway.


To dream of taking a census means you will soon be made accountable for your actions, good, bad, and neutral.


To dream of this mythical half man/half horse indicates that you are living in two different realities.


To dream of being in a centerfold is a warning that you have become too self-absorbed.


To dream of making a centerpiece means you will soon be putting your affairs in order. Looking at a centerpiece suggests that your affairs are already in order.


To dream of this insect counsels you to move faster on a project or on making a change in your life.


To dream of counting pennies means you will be facing financial loss. If you’re finding them, you’ll find happiness; losing them suggests financial gain.


To dream of having an unhealthy central nervous system implies a time of calm in the near future.

To dream of a healthy CNS means you will be entering a period of great drama.


To dream of being a CEO means that advancement in your career will come only through great effort.

If you dream of another person being a CEO, you will be recognized through your hard work.


To dream of whole, perfect ceramics suggests perfecting a craft. If they are damaged or broken, put aside new projects until later.


To dream of having cerebral palsy indicates good health.


In dreams, ceremonies represent a death on the horizon.


To dream of a certificate indicates the signing of legal documents in the near future.


To dream of a cervix foretells a pregnancy.


To dream of a cesspool means great money luck, and financial gain in the near future.


If this white wine appears in a dream, new friends, new love, and happiness await you.


Dreaming of chaff suggests an empty and fruitless undertaking and ill health that leads to much anxiety.


Chains suggest calumny and treacherous designs of the envious.

To dream of being bound in chains predicts that unjust burdens are about to be thrown upon your shoulders; if you succeed in breaking them, however, you will free yourself from some unpleasant business or social engagement.

Seeing others in chains denotes bad fortunes for them.


To see a chair in your dreams denotes failure to meet an obligation.

To see a friend sitting on a chair motionlessly signifies news of his or her illness or death.


If you dream of seeing a chair maker, worry from apparently pleasant labor will confront you.


To see a chairman in dreams means you will seek recognition and be recompensed with a position of trust.

If you are a chairman, you will be distinguished for your justice and kindness to others.


To dream of this mountain home means you will be advancing to high places at work.


To dream of a chalice suggests pleasure for you, but sorrow for others. To break one foretells your failure to obtain power over someone.


If you dream of using chalk on a board, you will attain public honor. Handfuls of chalk foretell disappointment.


If you are challenged to fight a duel, you will become involved in a socially difficult situation and will be compelled to apologize or else lose friendships.

To accept a challenge means that you will bear many sorrows as you work to shield others from dishonor.


To find yourself in a beautiful and richly furnished chamber implies sudden fortune, either through legacies from unknown relatives or through investment.

If the chamber is plainly furnished, you will need to be frugal in the near future.


In dreams, a chambermaid represents bad fortune and deleterious changes.


Chameleons signify deceit and self-advancement; your success causes others to suffer.


To dream of a champion indicates that you will win the warmest friend¬ship through your dignity and moral conduct.


To dream of being or dealing with a chancellor suggests that dealings with the law are on the horizon.


To dream of a chandelier portends that unhoped-for success will make it possible for you to enjoy pleasure and luxury easily.

A broken or badly kept chandelier indicates that unfortunate speculation will diminish your seemingly substantial fortune.

To see the light in one go out foretells that sickness and distress will cloud a promising future.


To hear a chant repeated over and over in your dream means that you must repeat your mistakes before you learn your lesson.


To dream of a chapel denotes dissension in social circles and unsettled business.

To be in a chapel denotes disappointment and change of business.


To dream of being a chaperone means you have the ability to go it alone and still be successful.

To dream of being chaperoned suggests that you need guidance and help.


To dream of unlighted charcoal signifies bleak situations and miserable unhappiness. If the coals are burning and glowing, however, expect great enhancement of fortune and joy.


To dream of riding in a chariot foretells that favorable opportunities will present themselves; if you use them well, they can lead to good. To fall from a chariot or see others fall from one denotes displacement from high positions.


To dream of giving to charity indicates that you will be harassed with supplications from the poor, and your business will be at a standstill.

If you dream of giving to charitable institutions, your right of possession to property will be disputed. Worries and ill health will threaten you.

If you dream that you are an object of charity, you will succeed in life after hard times.
*See Demands.


To dream of being chased suggests a comfortable life with new friends and family.


To dream of being chastised suggests that you have not been prudent.

If you chastise someone else, you have an ill-tempered partner in either business or marriage.


If you dream of being cheated in business, you will meet designing people who seek to close your avenues to fortune.


To dream of playing checkers suggests that you will be involved in serious difficulties. Strange people may come into your life and do you harm.

Dreaming that you win implies success in a doubtful enterprise.


To dream of being stopped at a checkpoint indicates ease and comfort in your life.

Seeing yourself moving freely through your dreams warns you to check the motives behind the things you are doing.


To dream of writing bad checks indicates that you will resort to subterfuge in order to carry forward your plans.

If you receive checks, you will be able to pay your bills and you will inherit money.

To dream that you are cashing checks denotes depression and loss in business.


To cheer or hear others cheering in your dream foretells bad news.


To dream of eating cheese denotes success in love.


To dream of this animal, either at rest or running, is a warning to move quickly in your projects and affairs. Do not waste time with indecision!


To witness chemical warfare in a dream is a prediction that problems will be solved for you in a very efficient and unconventional way.


To dream of a chemise means that you will hear unfavorable gossip about yourself.


To go through or to witness this cancer treatment in your dreams is a warning to be careful about a health issue.


To dream of cherries means that you will gain popularity through your amiability and unselfishness.

To eat them portends possession of a much- desired object. To see green ones indicates approaching good fortune.


Dreaming of cherubs is a prediction of upcoming joy that will leave a mark of lasting happiness on your life.


In dreams, playing chess represents stagnation in business, dull companions, and poor health.

If you dream of losing at chess, worries from small-minded sources will ensue; but if you win, expect to triumph over the negative influences.


To dream of someone with a bare chest means you will be free to enjoy the good things in life.


To dream of handling chestnuts foretells losses in business, but may also indicate an agreeable companion in life.

Eating them suggests a time of sorrow but ultimate happiness.


To dream that you are able to chew and swallow is a good sign and means that you will have an easy time in upcoming events and projects. To have trouble chewing something means you may need to seek professional help in some area of your life very soon.


To dream of seeing a brood of chickens suggests many areas of worry, some of which will prove profitable. Young or half-grown chickens signify fortunate enterprises, but to make them so you will have to exert physical strength.

If you see chickens going to roost, enemies are planning evil for you.

Eating chicken reminds you that selfishness will detract from your otherwise good name. Business and love will remain precarious.
*See Hen, Rooster.


Dreaming of this disease warns you to look closely at your friendships.


To dream of a chief of any kind indicates advancement in your career.


To see a chiffonier or search through one in your dream suggests that you will have disappointments.

To see an organized chiffonier indicates pleasant friends and entertainment.


To dream of suffering from chilblains indicates that you will be driven into bad dealings through the anxiousness of a friend or partner.

This dream also portends your own illness or an accident.


To dream of giving birth predicts fortunate circumstances and the safe delivery of a beautiful baby.

For an unmarried woman to dream of being in childbirth denotes unhappy changes from honor to disgrace.

It can also suggest an impending death if the person giving birth is physically too old to do so, or if you are.


To dream of seeing many beautiful children suggests great prosperity and blessings.

To see children working or studying denotes peaceful times and general prosperity.

To romp and play with children lets you know that your financial and romantic investments will lead to happiness.


In dreams, chimes represent fair prospects for business.


To dream of seeing chimneys indicates that a very displeasing incident will occur in your life.

A damaged chimney denotes sorrow and that a death is likely in your family.

One overgrown with ivy or other vines foretells that happiness will result after sorrow or loss of relatives.

To see a fire burning in a chimney tells you that much good is approaching you.


To dream of painting or arranging china foretells a pleasant and financially secure home life.


To buy china in your dream suggests problems in both business and personal life. But if someone buys it for you, look for prosperity and happiness.
*See Crockery.


To dream of eating Chinese food means you will soon hear good news.

To see yourself as a Chinese person in a dream means you will change the way you look in the very near future.

To dream of being surrounded by Chinese people—if you are not Chinese—means good fortune and luck with money.


To dream of this animal indicates that you need to start saving for an upcoming trip or happy occasion that you have not yet planned.


To dream of chocolate suggests that you will provide abundantly for those who are dependent on you. Seeing chocolate indicates agreeable companions and employment.
If it’s bitter, illness or other disappointments will follow.

Drinking chocolate foretells prosperity after a short period of unfavorable reversals.


If you dream of a choir, expect cheerful surroundings to replace gloom and discontentment.


To dream of this dreaded disease portends that virulent sickness will rage, and that many disappointments will follow.

To dream that you are attacked by cholera foreshadows your own sickness.


To make or eat chowder in a dream means many new, meaningful friends are coming your way.


To dream of beholding Christ signifies peaceful days full of wealth and knowledge, abundant with joy and contentment.


To dream of a Christmas tree denotes joyful occasions and an auspicious fortune. To see one dismantled foretells that a painful incident will follow a festive occasion.


Gathering chrysanthemums signifies loss. To see them in bouquets tells you that love will be offered.


To dream of seeing a church or other house of worship denotes disappointment in pleasures long anticipated.
*See Chapel, Synagogue.


To dream of walking in a churchyard means disappointments that you will surely overcome.


If you dream of churning, you will have difficult tasks ahead of you, but through diligence and industry you will accomplish them and be very prosperous.


To dream of this secretive branch of the government means you will be asked to do something illegal or against what you believe is right.


To dream of cider suggests that you may win a fortune, if you don’t squander your time on material pleasure.

To see people drinking cider suggests that you are under the influence of unfaithful friends.


To dream of a cigar indicates a celebration in the near future.


To dream of a circle tells you that your affairs will deceive you in their potential for gain.


To dream of having to reset a tripped circuit breaker means you will have to redo something you thought you had finished.


To dream of circumcision means you need to remove from your life people or things that do not matter to you.


To dream of a circus suggests that you have created an illusion about yourself that may be exposed in the near future.


To dream of a cistern indicates that you are in danger of interfering with the pleasures and rights of your friends.

To draw from a cistern implies that you will increase your enjoyment of life in a questionable manner.

An empty cistern foretells change from happiness to sorrow.


To dream that you are in a strange city means that an unhappy event may force you to change your abode or mode of living.


To dream of a city council cautions that your interests will clash with public institutions, with discouraging results for you.


In dreams, city hall symbolizes contention and threats of lawsuits.


To dream of being clairvoyant and seeing yourself in the future denotes significant changes in your present occupation.

To dream of visiting a clairvoyant suggests that you might seek advice for indecision.


To dream of clams suggests that you will have dealings with an obstinate but honest person.

If you eat the clams, you will enjoy another’s prosperity.


To dream of drinking claret suggests positive influences on your life.


To dream of a clarinet hints that underneath your dignified appearance you are indulging in frivolity.

If the clarinet is broken, you will incur the displeasure of a close friend.


To dream of classical music means happy times ahead.


To dream of clay denotes isolation and probable insolvency.

If you dream of digging in a clay bank, you will submit to extraordinary demands from your enemies.


If something will not come clean in your dream, you are being lied to.

To dream of cleaning a place spotless says that you are being dealt with honestly.


To dream of a clergyman suggests small disappointments that will prove to be blessings.
*See Minister.


If you dream of climbing a hill or mountain and reaching the top, you will overcome the most formidable obstacles between yourself and a prosperous future; but if you fail to reach the summit, your dearest plans will be wrecked.

If you climb a ladder to the last rung, you will succeed in business; but if the ladder breaks, you will be plunged into unexpected straits, and accidents may happen to you.

To see yourself climbing the side of a house in some mysterious way in a dream, and to have a window suddenly open to let you in, foretells that you will make or have made extraordinary ventures against the advice of friends, but success will eventually crown your efforts, though there will be times when despair will almost enshroud you.
*See Ascent, Hill, Mountain.


To dream of this genital feature foretells pregnancy and birth.


To dream that you see a clock denotes danger from a foe.

If you hear one strike, you will receive unpleasant news. The death of a friend is implied.


To dream of a cloister bodes dissatisfaction with present surroundings. You will soon seek a new environment.


To dream of cloning advises that you must see both sides of a problem before you can find a solution.


To dream of an empty closet means money problems. A full closet indicates business profits.

To dream of being locked in a closet means you will have to reveal something of yourself to those around you soon.


To dream of seeing soiled and torn clothes denotes deceit that will harm you. Beware of friendly dealings with strangers.

Clean, new clothes symbolize prosperity.

To dream that you own an assortment of clothes is a good omen.
*See Apparel.


To dream of seeing dark, heavy clouds portends misfortune and bad management. If rain is falling, anticipate trouble and sickness.

If you see bright, transparent clouds with the sun shining through them, you will be successful after much struggle.

To see clouds and stars suggests fleeting joys and small advancements.


To dream of a cloven foot portends that some unusual ill luck is threatening you. Avoid the friendship of strangers.


Walking through fields of fragrant clover is a propitious dream. It brings all objects desired into your reach.

To dream of clover suggests that prosperity will soon enfold you.


To dream of being approached by someone bearing a club suggests that you will be assailed by your adversaries, will overcome them, and will be unusually happy and prosperous.

If you club anyone, however, you will undergo a rough and profitless journey.


To dream of riding in a coach denotes continued losses in business. Driving one implies business changes.

Coals blazing in the fire represent pleasure and many pleasant changes.

To dream you handle them speaks of unmitigated joy.

To see dead coals implies trouble and disappointment.


To dream of being in a coal mine or colliery and seeing miners reveals that evil will assert its power for your downfall.

If you dream of holding shares in a coal mine, however, it denotes your safe investment in some deal.


To see the coast or to stand on or near a large body of water in your dream means that good news is coming. You may also be the one giving good news to someone else.


To dream of wearing another’s coat signifies that you will ask a friend to give you security.

A torn coat represents the loss of a close friend and dreary business.

If you lose your coat, you will have to rebuild your fortune lost through overconfidence in speculations.

A new coat portends for you some literary honor.
*See Apparel, Clothes.


In dreams, a coat of arms symbolizes loyalty among friends and associates.


To dream of this soft drink means upcoming health issues or relation¬ship problems.


To dream of being addicted to cocaine or to use it means sorrow is coming your way.


To dream of this ornament or adornment suggests you beware of seeking titles or special recognition for yourself.


To dream of hearing a cock crowing in the morning is significant of good. If you are single, it denotes an early marriage and a luxurious home.

To hear one at night means despair and cause for tears.

If you dream of seeing cocks fighting, you will leave your family because of quarrels and infidelity. This dream usually announces some unexpected and sorrowful events.


To dream of sitting in a cockpit, either flying or stationary, means you will have better control of a problem in the very near future.


To dream of this insect is to be warned that your friends are playing you for a fool.


To drink a cocktail while dreaming indicates that you will be deceived by your friends.


To dream of cocoa indicates that you will cultivate distasteful friends for your own advancement and pleasure.


Coconuts in dreams warn you of sly enemies encroaching on your rights in the guise of ardent friends.

Dead coconut palm trees are a sign of loss and sorrow. The death of someone near you may follow.


To dream that an item you are receiving needs to be paid for by C.O.D. foretells an unexpected expense.


To dream of drinking coffee indicates that your friends disapprove of your marriage plans. If you’re married, disagreements and frequent quarrels are implied.

To dream of dealing in coffee portends business failure. Selling coffee portends loss. Buying it is less ominous.

Ground coffee foretells successful struggles with adversity.


To see a coffee grinder in your dreams tells you that you are approaching serious danger; you need all your energy and alertness to avert possibly disastrous consequences.

To hear it grinding means it will be hard for you to recognize someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.


To see or visit a coffeehouse in your dreams foretells that you will unwisely attempt friendly relations with people you know to be your enemies.


This dream is unlucky. To businesspeople, a coffin represents debts and the inability to avoid accumulating them.

To see your own coffin in a dream tells you to expect business failure and domestic sorrow.

To dream of a coffin moving by itself suggests sickness and marriage in close conjunction, sorrow and pleasure intermingled. Death may follow, but there will also be good.

To see your own corpse in a coffin signifies that brave efforts will end in defeat and ignominy.

To dream of being in a coffin in a moving hearse denotes desperate, possibly fatal illness of you or someone close to you. Quarrels with the opposite sex are also indicated. You will consider your conduct toward a friend remorsefully.


To dream of gold coins denotes great prosperity.


Slicing cold cuts in a dream predicts separation. To dream of eating cold cuts means you will solve a problem in a relationship.


To dream of having a cold sore means you may have to reveal something you would rather keep to yourself.


If you dream of wearing a collar, you will have high honors thrust upon you that you will hardly be worthy of.


To be a collector in your dream warns that you will be spending too much money soon.


To dream of a college means that you’ll soon advance to a position you’ve long sought.

To dream that you are back in college foretells distinction through well-favored work.


To dream of this dog suggests that you will be rescued from a unpleasant situation in the near future.
*See Dog.


If you dream of a collision, you will meet with a serious accident or with disappointment in business.


To dream of applying or buying cologne indicates happy times ahead.


To dream of seeing or being commanded by a colonel suggests that you will fail to reach any prominence in social or business circles.

If you are a colonel, it means you will attempt to hold positions above those of friends or acquaintances.


To dream of any kind of structural columns means you will be recognized by your peers for your work.


To see someone else in a coma in a dream predicts that you will soon “awaken” to a new idea that will improve your life.

To see yourself in a coma means that you will experience a setback on your way toward a goal.


Combat represents the struggle to stay on firm ground.

If you dream of engaging in combat, you seek to ingratiate yourself romantically with someone whom you know to be another person’s partner, and you will run great risks of losing your good reputation.


To dream of combing hair suggests the illness or death of a friend or relative. Damage to friendship and loss of property are also indicated.
*See Hair.


To dream of seeing a comedy suggests simple pleasures and easy tasks.


In dreams, these awe-inspiring objects sailing through the skies speak of good change and happy times.


To be wrapped in a comforter for warmth in a dream means that a friendship or love relationship will start to turn cold and confusing.

To wrap another in a comforter means you will be of aid to someone experiencing confusion in a relationship.


To sing or hear comic songs in dreams foretells that you will enjoy much pleasure for a time, but difficulties will overtake you.


To dream of being commander of a ship means you will soon travel to places you never thought you would go.

To take orders from a commander suggests unexpected business travel.


To dream of being commanded says that you will be humbled in some way by your associates due to scorn you’ve shown your superiors.

If you dream of giving a command, you will have some honor conferred upon you, but if you give the commands in a tyrannical or boastful way, disappointments will follow.


To dream of receiving commandments suggests you can be unwisely influenced by those of stronger will than your own.

To read or hear the Ten Commandments read is a sign of blessings.


To dream that you are engaged in commerce indicates that you will handle your opportunities wisely and advantageously.

To dream of failure and a gloomy outlook in commercial circles warns of business trouble in waking life.


To dream of being in a commercial or to see someone you know making or acting in a commercial suggests that you will receive social recognition.


To form a committee in your dreams means you need to follow the advice of others for a while.

To be a member of a committee implies that you will be giving advice.


If you dream of suffering from a cold, you are warned to examine the issues in your life that need attention. Enemies are at work to destroy you. Your health is also at risk.


To find yourself or a loved one living in a commune in your dreams suggests you need to get back to basics for your health.


To dream of seeing a wife or husband signifies small anxieties and probable sickness.

To dream of social companions tells you that frivolous pastimes may engage your attention, keeping you from your work.


A dream of buying or selling a company, or having one go bankrupt, predicts good fortune in business.


To dream of a compass suggests that you will be forced to struggle within narrow limits, thus making success harder, but more deserving of honor.

To see one pointing in the wrong direction threatens loss.


To dream of completing a task implies that you actually will soon be completing something in your waking life sooner than expected, something that will finally give you an opportunity to relax.

If you dream of completing a journey, it means you will soon have the financial means and opportunity to go somewhere you had not thought possible.


To dream that you have a beautiful complexion is lucky. You will have many pleasing experiences in life.

To dream that you have a bad complexion denotes disappointment and sickness.


To dream of working at a computer suggests a time of learning.

If you can’t understand what’s on the screen, you need to rethink your goals for the future.
*See Deletions.


To dream that your computer is infected with a virus and crashes is a sign that bad times will clear up and you will develop a new outlook on life.

To give a virus to another through a computer program warns that you will be lied to in an important business matter.


To dream of a successful concert denotes seasons of success and pleasure.

If you are an author, the success will be with your literary work. If you are a businessperson, it portends successful trade. To the young it signifies romantic bliss and faithfulness.

Ordinary concerts suggest disagreeable companions and ungrateful friends. Business will show a falling-off.


For a man to dream that he is in the company of a concubine warns that he is in danger of public disgrace, striving to keep the world unaware of his true character and the state of his business.

For a woman to dream that she is a concubine indicates that she will degrade herself by her own impropriety.


To use or wear a condom in your dreams means you will soon need to pay close attention to business dealings.

To remove a used condom means you are well protected in business.


To dream of witnessing the flight of this amazing bird means you will be “flying high” in the future with money luck and much love in relationships.


To dream of seeing yourself as a train conductor means you will enjoy safe travel by land in the near future.

To have your money taken by a train conductor suggests you’ve found a great travel bargain.

To dream of being a musical conductor predicts money gain in the near future.


To dream of confections indicates that someone’s words may sound sweet but be untrue.


To dream of being in a confessional means you have secrets that will be exposed.


To dream of confetti obstructing your view in a crowd of merrymakers indicates that you will lose much by seeking enjoyment before completing your work.


To dream of a conjurer suggests that unpleasant experiences will beset you in your search for wealth and happiness.


To dream that you are in a hypnotic state or under the power of others portends disaster, because your enemies will enthrall you; if you hold others under a spell, you will assert your willpower and stand up to them.

To dream of seeing hypnotic and sleight-of-hand performances signifies worries and perplexities in government, business, and at home.


To dream that your conscience bothers you for deceiving someone implies that you may be tempted to commit wrongdoing. You should be mindful of this tendency.

To dream of having a clear conscience means you stand in high esteem.


To dream that you are the object of a conspiracy foretells you will make a wrong move in your life choices.


To look at or be able to pick out a constellation in the night sky portends dreams coming true in the near future.


To see or read this legal document suggests winning a legal battle in court.


To dream that you have consumption (tuberculosis) means that you are exposing yourself to danger. Remain with your friends.


To lose a contact lens in your dream recommends that you open your eyes to deception.

To remove lenses or put them in your eyes means you will see problems at work or in a relationship more clearly.

To help someone else put in contacts predicts that you will be asked to help someone clear out the drama from his or her life.


If you dream of being in contempt of court, you have committed business or social indiscretions.

If you dream that you are held in contempt by others unreasonably, you will succeed in winning their highest regard, and will find yourself prosperous and happy. But if the contempt is merited, your exile from business or social circles is intimated.


The signing or writing of contracts in your dream tells you to beware of legal matters ahead.

If you refuse to sign a contract, or someone else refuses, it means a big promotion in business is coming.


To dream of seeking refuge in a convent indicates that your future will be free from care and enemies—unless on entering the building you encounter a priest. If so, you will seek often and in vain for relief from stress and strife.


To dream of a convention suggests unusual activity in business affairs and relationships.


To dream of seeing convicts suggests disasters and sad news.

To dream that you are a convict indicates that you will worry over something, but will eventually clear up all mistakes.


A dream of cookies foretells minor arguments.


To dream of cooking a meal tells you that some pleasant duty will fall to you. Many friends will visit you in the near future. If there is discord or a lack of cheerfulness, you may expect harassment and disappointment.


To dream of a chicken coop filled with chickens foretells prosperity. To see an empty coop indicates money problems arising from deception.


To dream of copper suggests oppression from your superiors.


Copperplate seen in a dream warns that discordant views may cause unhappiness among members of a household.


To dream of a copper smith suggests small returns for labor, but overall contentment.


To dream of copying denotes an unfavorable outcome to plans that are usually successful.


In dreams, coral symbolizes enduring friendships that will benefit you greatly, especially in times of trouble.


To dream of any item runs cordless means that your business dealings will seem effortless.


To dream of corks signifies that you will soon enter a state of prosperity and will revel in happiness.


To dream of seeing a corkscrew indicates an unsatisfied mind. Heed this as a warning to curb your desires, which may put you on dangerous ground.

To dream of breaking a corkscrew while using it indicates perilous surroundings. To the best of your ability, use your willpower (or the power of intentionality) to steel yourself against your unhealthful inclinations.


If you dream of husking ears of corn, you will enjoy success and pleasure.
To see others gathering corn suggests that you will rejoice in the prosperity of friends or relatives.


This is an unfavorable dream if you see yourself as frightened and hidden in a corner for safety.

If your dream involves seeing people talking in a corner, enemies are seeking to destroy you. The chances are that someone whom you consider a friend will prove a traitor.


A cornet seen or heard in a dream suggests kind attention from strangers.


To dream of passing through a green and luxurious cornfield, seeing full ears hanging heavily, speaks of great wealth, happiness, and true friendship. Fine crops, rich harvest, and harmony in the home are yours.

Young corn newly plowed represents favor with the powerful and upcoming success. Ripe corn denotes fame and wealth.

To see it cribbed signifies that your highest desires will be realized. Shelled corn denotes wealth and unstinting favors.

Eating green corn suggests harmony among friends.


Dreaming of cornmeal foretells the consummation of ardent wishes.

Eating corn bread in your dream implies that you will unwittingly throw obstacles in the way of your own advancement.


To dream that corns hurt your feet says that enemies are undermining you and you will have much distress; but if you succeed in clearing your feet of corns, you will inherit a large estate from an unknown source.


To dream of a coronation foretells that you will enjoy friendships with prominent people.


To dream of a corpse means a full and happy life—if the corpse is a stranger. If it is someone you know, that suggests estrangement and unhappiness in love affairs.

To see a battlefield strewn with corpses indicates war and general dissatisfaction within countries and among political factions.

An animal corpse represents an unhealthy situation, whether in business or health.


To dream of being corpulent indicates a bountiful increase of wealth. To see others corpulent denotes unusual activity and prosperous times.


To wear a corsage or put one on someone else in a dream is a warning of illness or death.


To dream of a corset indicates that you will be perplexed as to the meaning of the attention you may be receiving.


To add your name to a document or to be a co-signer on a document in a dream foretells that help will be available when you need it.


For a woman to use or buy cosmetics is good luck. For a man to use women’s cosmetics warns of bad business dealings.


To dream of a Cossack denotes personal humiliation brought about by dissipation and extravagance.


To wear a costume or see others wearing one in a dream foretells an unusual turn of events. Make sure to see things as they really are, not as you want them to be.


To dream of a cot foretells an affliction, either through sickness or accident. Cots in rows signify that you will not be the only one in trouble; friends will be afflicted also.

To dream of a cottage in the woods or a cottage on the shore is a dream of happy family gatherings in the future.


To dream of fields growing young cotton denotes great business and prosperous times. For farmers to see cotton ready for gathering suggests wealth and abundance.

If manufacturers dream of cotton, they benefit. For merchants, it denotes a change for the better in business.

To see cotton in bales is a favorable indication of better times.


To dream of wearing this nightcap is a good dream denoting many sincere friends.


To see cotton cloth in a dream suggests easy circumstances. No great changes follow this dream.


To dream of a cotton gin foretells advancement that is very pleasing.

To see a broken or dilapidated gin signifies that misfortune and trouble will overthrow success.


To dream of reclining on a couch implies the entertaining of false hopes. Be alert to every change, for only in this way will your hopes be realized.


To dream that you are aggravated by a constant cough indicates poor health; but you will recuperate if you take care and exercise good habits.

To dream of hearing others cough indicates unpleasantness from which you will ultimately emerge.


If you dream of a counselor, you are likely to be possessed of some ability yourself, and you will usually prefer your own judgment to that of others. Be careful not to be judgmental.


If you dream of a beautiful countenance, you may safely look for some pleasure in the near future; but to behold an ugly and scowling visage portends unfavorable transactions.


To dream of counters foretells that active interest will prevent idleness from infecting your life with unhealthful desires.

To dream of empty and soiled counters suggests unfortunate engagements that bring great uneasiness of mind.


If you dream of counterfeit money, you will have trouble with some unruly and worthless person.


A counterpane is very good to dream of, if it’s clean and white, but if it’s soiled you may expect harassing situations.

Sickness usually follows this dream.


To dream of counting money means you will be lucky and always able to pay your debts; but if you’re counting out money to another person, you will meet with loss of some kind. Such will be the case, also, in counting other things:

If you count for yourself, good; for others, bad luck will attend you.


To dream of being in a beautiful and fertile country suggests that good times are at hand. Wealth will pile in on you, and you will be able to reign in any field or endeavor.

If the country is dry and bare, you will see and hear of troublesome times. Famine and sickness will be in the land.


To dream of being courted signifies that disappointments will follow false hopes and fleeting pleasures.

For a man to dream of courting implies that he is not worthy of a companion.


Dreaming of a cousin denotes disappointments and afflictions. Saddened lives are indicated.

To dream of an affectionate correspondence with your cousin predicts a fatal rupture between families.


To dream of seeing cows waiting for the milking hour promises abundant fulfillment of hopes and desires.
*See Cattle.


To dream of gathering cowslips portends the unhappy ending of seemingly close and warm friendships; seeing them growing and in full bloom denotes a crisis.


To dream of a coxcomb suggests a low state of mind. Work to elevate your mind to nobler thoughts.


To dream of crabs indicates that you will have many complicated affairs and will need to exert sound judgment if you hope to solve them.

This dream portends a long and difficult courtship.


To dream of a cradle with a beautiful infant occupying it portends prosperity.

To rock your own baby in a cradle denotes the serious illness of a family member.


To dream of this fruit means the coming together of family and friends for a celebration.


To dream of seeing a flight of cranes means a joyful meeting with lost friends and faithful close friends.

To see cranes fly to the ground means unexpected joy and prosperity.


Deceit is sure to assail you in your affairs of the heart after dreaming of this backward-crawling crustacean.

To dream of this bottom-feeding crustacean means you will be on the top of your game in an upcoming project.


If you dream that you are crawling on the ground, you may expect humiliating tasks.

Crawling over rough places and stones indicates that you have not taken proper advantage of your opportunities.

To crawl in mire with others suggests depression in business and loss of credit. Your friends will have cause to censure you.


To dream of seeing cream served suggests that you will be associated with wealth, provided you are engaged in a business other than farming.

To drink cream denotes immediate good fortune.


To dream of asking for credit cautions that you have cause to worry, although you may be inclined sometimes to think things look bright.

To credit another warns you to be careful of your affairs, as you are likely to trust those who will eventually do you harm.


To dream of a creek denotes new experiences and short journeys. If it is overflowing, you will have serious trouble briefly. If the creek is dry, not only will you feel disappointment, but you will see someone else obtain the things you worked hard to achieve.


To dream of seeing bodies cremated indicates that enemies will reduce your influence in business circles.

If you dream that you are being cremated, it portends failure if you listen to other people’s opinions rather than your own.


To dream of seeing crepe hanging from a door indicates that you will hear of the sudden death of a relative or friend.
To see someone dressed in crepe indicates that sorrow, but not death, will come your way. Seeing crepe in a dream is bad for business.


To dream of seeing a work crew means a canceled trip.


This is a dream of an upcoming pregnancy or birth.


To hear a cricket in your dream indicates melancholy news, perhaps the death of a distant friend.

If you see crickets, expect to struggle with poverty.


If you dream of hearing cries of distress, you will be engulfed by serious trouble, but by being alert you will be able to emerge from these distressing straits eventually and will rise above them successfully.

If the cry is of surprise, you will receive aid from unexpected sources. Hearing the cries of wild beasts foretells a serious accident.

To hear a cry for help from relatives or friends warns you of their sickness or distress.


To dream of associating with a person who has committed a crime indicates that you will meet unscrupulous people who will try to use your friendship for their own advancement.


To dream of being handicapped means you will soon find help from an associate or friend. If you dream of others who are maimed and physically challenged, you will soon be called upon to help a friend or colleague.
*See Lameness, Limping.


To dream of doing crochet foretells entanglement in a basically unimportant incident springing from too much curiosity about other people’s affairs.


To dream of having nice, clean crockery indicates that you will be a tidy and economical housekeeper.

If you dream of being in a crockery store, mind the details of your business. An untidy store with empty shelves implies loss.


If you dream of this creature, you will be deceived by your warmest friends.


To dream of this flaky, crusty baked item indicates that carefree, happy times are upon you.


To dream of seeing a cross indicates joy and triumph after a hard struggle.


To dream of crossbones is not a good omen. It foretells financial loss and trouble with relationships.


To dream of firing this weapon means that you will soon be on your mark regarding your goals.

To dream of having one fired at you warns you of so-called friends.


To dream of a crossroads suggests that you will be unable to complete a previously favorable opportunity to reach your goals. If you are undecided which road to take, you are likely to let unimportant matters irritate you. You will be better favored by fortune if you decide on your route and plan in advance.

After this dream you may have an important matter to decide about in business or love.


To dream that your child has the croup denotes slight illness, but it is no reason to fear. This is generally a good omen of health and domestic harmony.


To dream of seeing a crow betokens misfortune and grief.

If you hear crows cawing, you will be influenced by others to make a bad deal disposing of property.
*See Raven.


To dream of a large crowd of well-dressed people at an event suggests pleasant involvement with friends; but anything occurring in the dream that mars the pleasure of the guests in the crowd denotes distress and loss of friendship; unhappiness will be found where you expected profit and congenial interactions. This can also denote dissatisfaction in government and dissension within the family.

To see a crowd in a church indicates that a death may affect you, or some slight unpleasantness may develop.

To see a crowd in the street indicates unusually brisk trade and a general air of prosperity.

If you dream of trying to be heard in a crowd, you will push your own interests ahead of everyone else’s.


To dream of a crown prognosticates change in your life habits. You will travel a long distance from home and form new relationships. Fatal illness may also be the sad subject of this dream.

To dream that you wear a crown signifies loss of personal property. To dream of crowning a person denotes your own worthiness.


To see a crucifix in a dream is a good omen and a blessing.


If you chance to dream of the Crucifixion, you will see your opportunities slip away, tearing your hopes from your grasp and leaving you wailing over the frustration of desire.


To dream of cruelty being shown to you foretells trouble and disappointment. If it is shown to others, you will set a disagreeable task for others, which will contribute to your own loss.


To dream of a crust of bread indicates that the incompetence of elected officials threatens to bring misery.
*See Bread, Baking.


To dream that you are on crutches implies that you depend largely on others for support and advancement.

To see others on crutches suggests unsatisfactory results from labors.


To dream of crying means happy times ahead.

To hear and see others crying warns that they may unexpectedly call on you for aid.

To see or hear babies crying predicts good news.


To dream of a body being preserved cryogenically—including your own—means you will be freed of financial burden.


To dream of crystal in any form is a sign of coming depression, either social or financial.


To dream of a baby animal with its parent hints at expansion in your family.

To dream of a baby animal alone predicts problems with your children and their ability to learn.


To dream of a cubicle means your ideas need to be expanded.


To dream of a cuckoo prognosticates a painful illness, the death of a loved one, or an accident to someone in your family.


This is a dream of plenty, denoting health and prosperity.


To find yourself in a cult or trying to escape from one warns that you need to examine your spiritual awareness.


To dream of being cunning warns that you are being dishonest in the way you present yourself to your friends and those around you.

If you are associating with cunning people, you are being deceived for other people’s advancement.


In dreams, an empty cup symbolizes financial gain; a full cup, financial loss. To drink from a cup suggests sorrow.


To see a cupboard in your dream signifies pleasure and comfort, or penury and distress, depending on whether the cupboard is clean and full, or empty and dirty.
*See Safe.


To dream of stepping on a curbstone suggests your rapid rise in business circles. You are held in high esteem by your friends and the public.


To dream of a currycomb foretells that you must endure much hard work to obtain wealth and comfort.


To dream of currying a horse suggests that you will have a hard time in doing so, but you will indeed reach the height of your ambition.


To dream of curtains foretells unwelcome visitors who cause you worry and unhappiness.

Soiled or torn curtains mean disgraceful quarrels and reproaches.


To dream of reclining on silk cushions suggests that your ease will be at the expense of others; but if you dream of seeing the cushions, you will prosper in business and love.


To dream of making or eating custard indicates that you will be called upon to entertain an unexpected guest.
*See Baking.


To wait on customers means you will get an unexpected gift. To dream of being a customer means you will give a gift to someone in the future.


To dream of practicing a custom warns against closed-mindedness.

To dream of going through customs implies that you will have rivalries and competition at work.

If you can’t get through customs in a dream, you are not being honest with yourself or others.


To dream of a cut means that sickness or the treachery of a friend may cause you great unhappiness.


To dream of having your cuticles worked on—or needing to be worked on—means you will be very creative in the future.


To dream of this poison is a sign of good health.
*See Poison.


To dream of a cyclone foretells big changes at home.


To see one-eyed creatures in your dreams portends an overwhelming intimation of secret intrigue against your fortune and happiness.


Hearing a cymbal in your dreams predicts the death of a very aged person of your acquaintance.


To dream of having this growth is a warning about hidden meanings in people’s words.

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